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Jersey Fire Drills and Fat Pigs

Jersey Fire Drills and Fat Pigs


Two weeks ago in a search for a dinner restaurant, my friends and I decided to ditch Yelp and ask for a recommendation instead. Trusting a friend’s casual text message complete with a Google pin link, we walked into a Southern style BBQ joint in Brooklyn called Fette Sau. Three meatful trays later, we found ourselves stunned and speechless.

As it turns out, Fette Sau, or ‘fat pig’ in German, is Zagat’s best rated barbecue restaurant in NYC. We knew nothing about this coming in, hence the stunned look on our faces after the meal. Suddenly, the long queue, everyone’s happy smiles, the restaurant merchandise that hung on walls, the elaborate meat mural, and the pumped up crowd at 5pm all made sense.


It wouldn’t be easy to spot the place without Google map directions: the place was hidden in what seemed to be a garage shop with a long driveway fenced in metal gates. We spent about 45 minutes on line, getting excited as other diners passed us with their trays of smoked meats and draft beers.


Walking up the register, I ordered nearly a pound of beef brisket, pork belly and sausage with a side of broccoli salad. It was served on a butcher paper on a tray–no frills, only the goods. I can definitively say it was the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. The meats were all tender, flavorful and perfectly smoked paired with either of their equally memorable sweet or spicy barbecue sauces.

Come hungry, prepare to be meat-schooled, but don’t expect to be spoiled with a pretentious dining experience. Fette Sau is all about the authenticity of real American barbecue, school cafeteria style.

– Bonus! –

Pre-barbecue, we went for drinks at Post Office Brooklyn for an afternoon Jersey Fire Drill, Old-Fashioned and a New York Sour. 

IMG_4914 copy.jpg

The place is great for casual drinks with friends and I'm sure it gets even more alive at night. We were also thrilled to pass by Bedford Cheese Shop, an old-fashioned fine quality cheese shop.


Where to go:

Fette Sau
354 Metropolitan Ave b/t 4th St & Roebling St in Williamsburg - North Side
Mon-Fri 5-11pm, Sat-Sun 12-11pm

Post Office Brooklyn
188 Havemeyer St
NY 11211
b/t 4th St & 3rd St in 
Williamsburg - South Side

Bedford Cheese Shop
229 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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