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The Quaint and Quiet

The Quaint and Quiet


If you live in New York, you must know about Montauk, the tipping end of Long Island. You’ve also probably heard of its iconic lighthouse, its waves and beaches, seafood restaurants and antique shops. I’ve never visited the town until a week ago, in my quest to find out its appeal to many of its visitors and to who knows, maybe see a glimpse of Europe's west end.


For an hour and thirty minutes of driving, it’s great for a brief weekend road trip. Driving east is lovely for scenic fields, vineyards, clam bars, old diners and farm lands. Packed with a camera and espadrilles, I was ready for a late summer beach day. 


What I quickly picked up as soon as I got there was the seduction of its remoteness. Montauk is far from the hustle and bustle, endless city sirens, crowded streets and tight spaces. It is very quiet and it's refreshing to walk in its open spaces, oceanside.

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Its antique shops and old-fashioned restaurants transported me back to the simplicity of the old days; Even my phone struggled to get service. No traffic lights were in sight, it was peaceful. 


The only prominent noise came from the ocean waves splashing the shore. I sat on the beach, watching them go. It was perfect.


I could go on with more theories, but I think there's really nothing more to it than the appeal of Montauk's vibe. The town guarantees a relaxed atmosphere, far removed from the busyness of urban life. And I think that's the only thing you need for a weekend refresher.

Summer staple  . Montauk Ice Co . in Kirk Park, serving homemade italian ices in a food truck.

Summer staple. Montauk Ice Co. in Kirk Park, serving homemade italian ices in a food truck.

– Bonus –

If I had all the time in the world, I would shoot videos too. Luckily, I found this short John Madere documentary about Montauk that I liked and I thought this could help picture Montauk even more. Click the video below to watch the trailer. Full video can be found here.

Where to go:

Kirk Park Beach
S Emerson Ave
Montauk, NY 11954

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