I love coffee, live music, and exploring neighborhoods on weekends in New York.

Crown Heights Grubbin'

Crown Heights Grubbin'


While I love the Fall–its cold mornings, beautiful foliage, pumpkin flavored food and the onset of my favorite holidays, I can't help but miss the warmer weather from these pictures that I took almost two months ago. It was back in early September, when I went to Berg'n, a recently opened beer and food hall in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Yes, I admit–I may have been going to Brooklyn too much for my posts, but I promise they're mostly coincidence. 

Remember Smorgasburg? The founders of Brooklyn's weekend food event decided to make an indoor version of it, in the form of a beer and food hall. Having already experienced its greatness, I couldn't miss the chance to see how the new project goes.


Berg'n is located on Bergen Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Although only built this year, its  timeless brick walls match the neighborhoods's typical row houses, while its industrial garage vibe mirrors the many car service stations I noticed around the area.


The commute may not have been the most convenient, but it was well worth the trip. I found it interesting to see its newness against its thriving neighborhood of small restaurants, shops, and other local businesses. It was a quiet neighborhood. 


Going inside, my boyfriend and I were welcomed into a spacious hall with rows and rows of tables and a long well-stocked bar on the opposite side of the door. It was a little past four on a Saturday afternoon, but the place was packed with eating families seated next to groups of friends enjoying weekend beers.


We went to grab drinks, thirsty from a long walk mixed with the late summer heat. Luckily the bar had a vast selection of beers and wine, including local draft beers–an easy favorite.


If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, there's a parlor coffee around the end of the hall. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to try anything from their menu.  

Coffee corner.   This part of Berg'n is perfect for weekday afternoons.

Coffee corner. This part of Berg'n is perfect for weekday afternoons.

Berg'n has four food vendors: Asia DogMighty Quinn'sPizza Moto Slice Shopand Ramen Burger. 


Being meat lovers that we were, Mighty Quinn's won us with their Brisket and Pulled Pork. 


It was mighty delicious, I'm glad we picked a good choice.  If I had more room, I would've tried the other food options as well. Besides, I have yet to try the famous ramen burger. (If it's not next to a barbecue joint the next time, maybe I would.)

Berg'n also has an outside patio with more private, smaller tables. This is great during the day but I bet it's even more amazing at night. I wonder if the roofs are retractable to make the space usable all year round, especially now that it's cold?

Not to be belittled in entertainment, there's also DJ'N at Berg'n on Saturday nights.



Where to go:

899 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY
Open 10 till late Tuesday-Sunday. Closed Mondays.


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