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Quick List: 5 NYC East Side Restaurants That Won't Disappoint

Quick List: 5 NYC East Side Restaurants That Won't Disappoint


While it’s typical for most people to flock to the beaches as the summer winds down, it can also be a perfect opportunity to stay in the city and enjoy the less crowded restaurants left in town. I scoured quite a few of them this summer and picked some that I would recommend to anyone looking for a new restaurant to try next:


1. Amali NYC
115 E 60th St

I’ve never been around the mediterranean sea, which I hope to visit one day—but I’ve always imagined having an outdoor picnic somewhere in Europe enjoying some good mediterranean food paired with wine. Amali in New York will have to do for now. They have a ravioli pasta topped with mint leaves and ricotta cheese that was quite unforgettable, a surprisingly refreshing octopus appetizer, and a cote de boeuf that couldn’t have been cooked more perfectly.

2. Quality Meats
57 W 58th St (Not really in the east side :))

Quality Meats quickly became one of my favorite restaurants in New York. It's a place that I liked almost instantly: it could be because of their signature wooden doors; it could also be the waiters that served us like we've been a loyal patron for long; the warm industrial decor that’s comfy but stylish at the same time; or just how creatively modern their take on classic dishes were. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone visiting New York for the first time.

3. American Cut
109 E 56th St
If you’re into the classic New York reminiscent of the '60s, Mad Men style—then this restaurant’s a winner. There’s a sense of glamour dining here, where you get treated with class and grace. You’re welcomed through a carpeted hallway with vintage framed photographs hung on walls, and you get seated in roomy, plush, leather chairs. An old-fashioned drink, steak sauce, and most of their menu selections, require an elaborate presentation by a server. It’s such a seductive treat of one great dish after another.

Boqueria NYC.   Image taken from their website.

Boqueria NYC. Image taken from their website.

4. Boqueria
Barcelona-style Tapas
1460 Second Ave

Anthony Bourdain going to Barcelona in one of his show's episodes, where he ate all day, jumping in between restaurants for tapas and beer had me convinced I should add Spanish tapas to my culinary list. Luckily, there’s Boqueria in New York to try. Boqueria has a chef’s selection so you can just sit and enjoy a variety of tapas curated by the chef. You can also go ala carte if you’re picky. Either way, make sure to try their Jamón Ibérico de Bellota–aged 36 months—without a doubt the best ham I’ve ever tasted in my life (not kidding).


5. Cannibal
113 E 29th St

Yes, the name is Cannibal and they won’t disappoint. This gastropub is one of my favorite restaurants in New York where they don’t shy away from showcasing a serious for-meat-enthusiasts-only menu. They don’t mess around here—they offer pig’s head! It’s also nice that they have a relaxed outside seating area in the back where it feels like dining at a friend’s backyard. They also have a generous selection of unique, limited edition bottled beers you should ask your server about. My husband found his favorite beer here that he never knew existed, which has now become a distant, fond memory.

I hope I saved you a Yelp search! Let me know which restaurant I should try next.

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