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Trying Indian Food for the First Time

Trying Indian Food for the First Time

Sometimes, the best of plans, are the unplanned ones. In a place like New York, this is a luxury I don’t take for granted. I can walk aimlessly for multiple blocks, stop at any point when I’m  hungry, and pick a restaurant on the spot without feeling careless about it.

This week, it was an Indian place called The MasalaWala–a seemingly unpretentious restaurant on Essex Street, bordering East Village and the Lower East Side. For somebody who’s had no experience with Indian food, it was a bit of a risky move for me to take. But because of my commitment to try just about every food there is, I had to.

The   MasalaWala   in East Village.

The MasalaWala in East Village.

And it didn’t disappoint. Different kinds of meat were served, after a few appetizers and some garlic naan. None of the dishes were devoid of any flavorful aroma. Everything was tasty and delicious. Although strange at first, even the dessert was a delight to finish. I smiled almost after every bite.

I hope this shot I took with my phone depicts the vibrancy and the variety of flavors I had the pleasure of eating that night. Every bite had me believe that the dinner was a feast prepared exclusively for me, to introduce me into a life where turmeric and curry exist.

Excuse the chicken bone.

Excuse the chicken bone.

I feel guilty for dismissing Indian cuisine for so long. I avoided it only because I found it pungent. And this might be the greatest lesson I can pass onto anyone: try the food first, because all your preconceived ideas–are most probably wrong until tested.

The rest of the day was spent walking without a destination in mind so I just took pictures along the way.

IMG_5746 copy.jpg

Where to Go:

The MasalaWala
179 St Essex St.
New York, NY

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