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A local guide to Forest Hills restaurants

A local guide to Forest Hills restaurants

Forest Hills Stadium

With Forest Hills Stadium releasing their full concert lineup for 2019, from Beck, Sarah McLachlan, to “Weird Al” Yankovic, let me help plan your night out with a list of restaurant recommendations located around the stadium. Having lived in the neighborhood for a little more than three years, I have tried most of the restaurants on Austin Street that can help ease your “Where should we eat” decision-making process.

Although Forest Hills’ food scene may be a little behind its neighbors Flushing and Elmhurst’s, you’d be surprised by its burgeoning food lineup representative of Queens — a hotbed of culinary diversity accessible to all.

Chinese destination

Forest Hills has some of the best Chinese food that you can find in New York. The New York Times even labeled Forest Hills the new destination of Chinese Food. Here are my picks:

Xintaste Hand-Pull Noodle

Replacing a really bad ramen place that occupied the space in 2018, Xintaste Hand-Pull Noodle serves fresh, hand-pulled noodles behind a small counter manned by chefs literally pulling dough apart making noodles. It’s an impressive show of craftsmanship in a humble small restaurant. My tip: get the hand-pulled noodles with roasted duck and make sure to bring cash before you come in.

Memories of Shanghai

I cannot attest to its dining in experience since I’ve only been Seamless-ing from this restaurant almost every Sunday night. I’ve passed this place on Austin Street multiple times without realizing it’s a restaurant because of its obscure location but I can guarantee you, their food, including their dumplings, is as delicious as it is authentic.

Bonus! Kung Fu Tea

For the most fun non-alcoholic drink in the area, grab a Kung Fu bubble tea! They have a wide selection of bubble teas and toppings that you can mix and match, for cheap. They even have Oreo milk teas.

Forest Hills

For the fast food lover

Nick’s Pizza

If you prefer a quick, casual meal, then I recommend Nick’s thin-crust pizza and calzones. It’s the best pizza you can find in Forest Hills (according to me) and has a family-friendly atmosphere that makes you want to keep coming back.


I know Shake Shack is around the corner, but have you tried Bareburger? They are more creative with flavors and recipes, offer more shakes, and have good beers. It’s worth checking out while you’re in the neighborhood. Believe me, you’d want to skip Shake Shack for this.

Sit-down dinner perhaps?


If you want a full, hearty, sit down meal, come to Cabana. This home-y restaurant has been open for a long time and serves Latin American/Cuban food that is sure to indulge. The place is so lively you’ll feel transported to South America (or South Florida maybe).


The newest restaurant in town is also the hottest restaurant in town. This place is almost always packed even in mid-day. Their Mediterranean kebabs and shawarma — which I fondly call meat cones — are flavorful, tender, and juicy. Paired with delicious sides, Oba will satisfy your gyro cravings and will easily become a favorite.

Just here to pregame?

Station House

Right under the LIRR, come here to drink craft beers and small plates. They have a wide selection of beers, really good sweet potato fries and have quite a crowd.

Jack & Nellie’s

If you prefer to pre-game in a more quiet setting, this is a good spot to chill for a bit while enjoying cocktails and a New American menu. The walk to the stadium from the restaurant would also be a nice stroll (weather-permitting).

Post-concert desserts

Martha’s Country Bakery

The perfect way to top your post-concert high is to eat lots of sugar. And Martha’s is open until midnight for your carb-loading indulgence. They have ALL kinds of pastries, pies and cakes plus they offer coffee and hot chocolate. Enjoy!

Good luck and make it a fun night! Let me know how it goes. I also live around the corner and maybe I can join your night out.

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